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Periodontal Regeneration

Periodontal Regeneration with Enamel Matrix Proteins

The holy grail of periodontal therapy is the regeneration of the attachment apparatus (cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone), around a previously bacteria-contaminated root surface. Reconstituting the periodontium can add longevity to the the dentition. Bone grafting with autogenous or demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft (DFDBA), and barrier membranes for guided tissue regeneration, represent great strides in regeneration therapy. Unfortunately, the predicatablily of these techniques is often lacking. A recent advance in reconstructive periodontal surgery is the application of enamel matrix proteins to a pathologically involved root surface. These proteins form acellular root cementum, the foundation needed to restore functional tooth support while preventing downgrowth of a junctional epithelium.

The enclosed pre and post op radiographs are from a case report where I was able to achieve an exciting result using Emdogain, which is an enamel matrix derivative. Prior to surgery there were considerable pocket depths on the maxillary left cuspid (#11): 9 mm. on the distal facial aspect, 9 mm. on the direct palate, and 9 mm. on the distal palatal surface of this tooth. Periodontal flap surgery using Emdogain was performed on 3/19/98 (pre-op films). As of the recall visit on 1/21/99 (post-op radiograph), the probe depths were within normal limits. As in any of the treatments for inflammatory periodontal diseases, long term success is predicated upon good personal plaque control and supportive periodontal care (maintenance).





I have been a patient of Dr. Weissglass for over 15 years. I have had both gum and implant surgery performed by Dr. Weissglass and his team with nothing but outstanding results from both experiences. Dr. Weissglass is in a class of his own and his staff warrants the same recognition. Dr. Weissglass truly cares for the well being of his patients and always goes the extra yard to insure his patients receive the level of care commensurate with their respective circumstances. I continue to visit Dr. Weissglass' office every three months for a cleaning. Kim the Hygienist, is very experienced and always provides me with a thorough and comfortable cleaning session. Overall the level of professionalism and experience offered by Dr. Weissglass and his staff insures both current and future patients are treated with the highest level of quality and care. I will continue to be his patient for as long as I need his help to remedy my dental related requirements.


I remain totally satisfied with the implants that Dr. Weisglass placed in my mouth. Moreover, having had more than one root canal, I was very happy when I heard that there is no such thing as performing this procedure on implants. My implants have been, for me,a win-win situation all around!!
Proud of my transformed smile.


With a Harvard degree hanging in the waiting room, what should you expect? Competent, smart,efficient and up-to-date. Yes, but that would not be the whole story. The friendly feel-at- home atmosphere is what sets this office apart. Chair-side manner is just as important as skill. From the front office staff to the dental hygienists all approach their tasks with genuine care for their patients that matches their level of proficiency. Fear not! If you need periodontal care, you will be in good hands. As long-time patients, we can highly recommend Dr. Weisglass.

Janet & David

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